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MT-CP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad

95.00 ر.ق

(10 customer reviews)

Product Specifications:

  • Model: CP5050
  • Operable angle: 6.5-45 degree
  • Power: 5W
  • Voltage and current: 5V-≤1000mA
  • Interface: USB*2  
  • Compatibility: 9-19” laptops
  • Cable length: 60±2cm
  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 416*295*40mm
  • Weight: 1150±5g


Product description

Buy MGCP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad online, specially designed for notebook computers. With fast cooling speed and low noise, the cooling pad has an RGB backlight design that perfectly matches your notebook computer and related electronic equipment, highlights the atmosphere, puts you in a colorful world, and provides an immersive user experience. The upper cover of the heat dissipation pad is designed with aluminum alloy material, which can effectively reduce the heat of the computer, say goodbye to the freeze due to overheating in the game, and make the game process smoother. You can also manually adjust the speed of the fan. The bottom of the cooling pad is designed with a footrest so that the computer will not slide down easily. The height of the cooling pad can be adjusted according to your own habits. There are four levels of height adjustment. USB power supply; plug and play; no need to drive. Suitable for 9–19-inch laptops.

Key Features:

  • High-efficiency cooling chip: The cooling pad is equipped with a super cooling chip, which can quickly cool down the laptop with little noise and fast!
  • RGB backlit: The cooling pad is designed with RGB background lighting that perfectly matches your laptop, highlighting the ambiance and putting you in a colorful world that provides an immersive experience.
  • 9-19” compatibility: The cooling pad is compatible with laptops up to 19 inches and related tablet devices.
  • Rapid cooling: Fast heat dissipation, and low noise, can effectively reduce the heat of the laptop so that the computer used more smoothly, say goodbye to the game due to heat generated by the lag, so that the game process is smooth.
  • Height adjustable: Cooling pads can adjust the height according to their habits, there are five levels of adjustable height, convenient and practical.
  • Super silent: The cooling pad features fast cooling and low noise. It allows you to play games without being disturbed.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

The Meetion MGCP5050 provides your laptop with a wear-resistant and firm carrying surface, and the ergonomic design at the bottom of the Yaqeentrading provides an elevation mechanism. Buy MGCP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad Online Durable and has better thermal conductivity. The foldable anti-skid baffle on the pad prevents your laptop from sliding off when it is elevated. You can Buy MGCP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad Online.

Questions And Answers

A: The MT-CP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad measures 416 x 295 x 40mm and weighs 1150±5g
A: Yes, the MT-CP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad is designed to accommodate laptops of various sizes, from 9 to 19.
A: Yes, the MT-CP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad allows you to adjust the fan speeds according to your preferences.

10 reviews for MT-CP5050 Gaming Cooling Pad

  1. Avatar for Syed Amin

    Syed Amin

    Excellent cooling pad! It’s made a noticeable difference in keeping my laptop cool during intense gaming sessions.

  2. Avatar for Mubarak Mahmoud

    Mubarak Mahmoud

    Love it! This cooling pad is sleek, effective, and has improved the performance of my laptop while gaming.

  3. Avatar for Omer Mahmoud

    Omer Mahmoud

    Highly recommend! The MT-CP5050 gaming cooling pad is a must-have for any serious gamer looking to prevent overheating.

  4. Avatar for Marwa Joy

    Marwa Joy

    Fantastic product! The cooling pad is quiet, efficient, and has exceeded my expectations.

  5. Avatar for Rajan Saeed

    Rajan Saeed

    This cooling pad has saved me from worrying about my laptop overheating while gaming, and the LED lights add a cool aesthetic touch.

  6. Avatar for طه الشهري

    طه الشهري

    This cooling pad is a game-changer! My laptop stays cool during long gaming sessions, and the adjustable fan speed is perfect for different games.

  7. Avatar for رقية الصافي

    رقية الصافي

    The design is sleek and functional. It fits my gaming setup perfectly, and I love that it’s quiet yet powerful!

  8. Avatar for حامد السيد

    حامد السيد

    Great cooling pad! It keeps my laptop from overheating and has made a noticeable difference in performance. Highly recommend it.

  9. Avatar for احمد باكثير

    احمد باكثير

    The LED lights add a nice touch, and the build quality feels sturdy. It’s definitely worth the price for the quality and functionality it offers.

  10. Avatar for ربى باحاذق

    ربى باحاذق

    Easy to set up and use, and it makes a big difference for my laptop’s temperature. A must-have for any serious gamer!

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