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MT- C510 Backlit Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

75.00 ر.ق

(5 customer reviews)

Product Specifications:


  • Q-ty of keys: 6 buttons     
  • Resolution: 800/1200/1600/2400 dpi       
  • Maximum frame rate: 4000 fps   
  • Maximal tracking speed: 30 ips  
  • Maximum polling rate: 250 Hz    
  • Maximum acceleration: 8 g 
  • Wire length: 1.8±0.01m    
  • Weight: 1125±10g 
  • Dimensions(W×H×L): 123*68*40mm     


  • Keyboard layout: ESN, ARA, RUS, ENG
  • Anti-Ghosting: 19 keys
  • Qty of shortcut buttons: 12
  • OS Compatibility: Win XP/Vista/7/8/10/11/ MAC OS X
  •  Error-free running time: More than 10 million times
  •  Interface: USB
  •  Wire length: 1.8±0.01m
  • Dimensions(W×H×L): 475*200*37mm

Product description

Introducing the Gaming Backlit USB Keyboard Mouse Combo C510, a dynamic 2-in-1 package tailored for gaming enthusiasts. This set features a USB multimedia keyboard boasting vibrant color backlighting, 19-key anti-ghosting capability, and customizable backlight color and brightness settings, complete with a soothing breathing mode. Complementing the keyboard is an ergonomically crafted mouse designed for extended gaming sessions. Its contoured shape perfectly aligns with the palm’s natural curvature, ensuring both usability and comfort during prolonged play. Equipped with a high-resolution 2400DPI light sensor, the mouse delivers precise tracking, enabling swift responses to opponent movements and effortless target acquisition. Convenient side buttons facilitate seamless navigation, bolstered by a non-slip grip for added control. With a dedicated DPI change button, you can swiftly adjust mouse sensitivity while keeping track of your preferred settings. Elevate your gaming experience with the Buy Gaming Backlit USB Keyboard Mouse Combo, a comprehensive solution tailored to meet your gaming needs.

Key Features: Gaming Backlit USB Keyboard Mouse Combo

  • LED backlight: USB multimedia keyboard with color backlight, LED backlight can be switched at will, the brightness of the light can be adjusted, 19-keys anti-ghosting.
  • Comfortable feel: Ergonomic design. The contour design of the appearance conforms to the curvature of the palm, which is easy to use and comfortable to hold, allowing you to enjoy the game for a long time.
  • 2400 DPI laser sensor: You can choose any DPI value convenient for you from 800/1600/2400. The entry-level laser sensor will perform well in combat, and in combination with a gaming mat, it will become your indispensable assistant.
  • Bright adjustable backlight: Stylish and beautiful, the lighting changes depending on the DPI mode you choose. Thanks to this, you will never be mistaken about which mode is being used right now.
  • Non-slip side: The side anti-slip design can effectively prevent the fingers from sweating, thereby improving the accuracy of the game.
  • Strong durability: The life of the mouse buttons is as high as 20 million times, and the bottom is made of super wear-resistant aviation aluminum feet.
  • 4C breathing: Four-color breathing, the light changes with DPI and is easily identifiable.
  • Plug & Play: The keyboard and mouse work autonomously without the need to install additional software. When connected to a computer via a USB port, you can be up and running in seconds

Package Includes

  • 1 x Keyboard
  • 1 x Mouse

The 2 in 1 Rainbow Gaming Backlit USB Keyboard Mouse Combo is available from Yaqeentrading.com value for money delight. The high-quality membrane keyboard has 19 anti-ghosting non-conflict keys and comes with a rainbow backlight. The mouse is durable, changes 4 colors, and has an ergonomic design that fits the palm comfortably. The mute-mouse wheel and 5 million keystroke durability come with this mouse. Additionally, you can enhance your gaming experience with the Gaming Backlit USB Keyboard Mouse Combo, available at Yaqeentrading.com, offering three times the excitement and functionality.

Questions And Answers

A: Yes, both the keyboard and mouse in this combo are backlit, offering customizable lighting options to enhance your gaming experience.
A: The keyboard offers multiple customizable backlighting options, allowing you to personalize the lighting to match your gaming setup or mood.
A: Yes, the MT-C510 Backlit Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo is designed to be compatible with most gaming PCs, offering plug-and-play functionality for ease of use.

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5 reviews for MT- C510 Backlit Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

  1. Avatar for shraddha.bansode


    Amazing Product, Highly Recommended.

  2. Avatar for Omer Hussain

    Omer Hussain

    Absolutely thrilled with my purchase!

  3. Avatar for Sarah Lama

    Sarah Lama

    Love this gaming combo!

  4. Avatar for Rima Malik

    Rima Malik

    Highly recommend the MT-C510 gaming combo!

  5. Avatar for Abdulrahman Abdulla

    Abdulrahman Abdulla

    Fantastic gaming set!

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